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+The Makefile script, extracts the upstream source file, applies any patches,
+executes the configure script, executes the make process, installs files into a
+staging area, processes the staging area to create the packages deliverable for
+the mingw-get distribution system.  It is expected that you have a working
+MinGW MSYS and MinGW gcc and g++ compilers.
+In the MSYS shell type
+$ make clean package 2>&1 | tee make.log
+The newly built packages are available for upload in the rls directory.  It is
+expected that if you are now maintaining this package that you know how to
+modify the mingw-dist system correctly and upload files to the SF directory
+If you execute make without targets it will give a usage for the package.
+$ make
+To use this make file do the following steps:
+make prep : Unpacks the original sources.
+make patch : Apply custom patches if there are any.
+make configure: Runs the configure script.
+make compile: Executes make.
+make stage: Installs into a staging area.
+make post_stage: Miscellaneous actions performed to the stage area.
+make package: Packages the build results including the source.
+make clean: Cleans the workspace in order to rebuild the package
+make check: Runs self-tests.
+make install: Installs the package into the configured directory.
+If you execute "make clean package" all of the steps except
+the "make check" and "make install" steps should be executed
+in order. If you execute "make clean check" all of the steps
+except the "make install" and "make package" steps should be
+executed in order. If you execute "make clean install" all of
+the steps except the "make check" and "make package" steps
+should be executed in order.