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Introduction of _NO_MINGWEX_ macro filter which will be defined by the end user
to use the imported MSVCRT.DLL version instead of the extended version provided
by the mingwex library.  Using _NO_MINGWEX_ with __STRICT_ANSI__ is highly
discouraged and your configure scripts should test for this scenario and decide
to abort.

[#2018] Add an ANSI corrected version of swprintf() and vswprintf() to mingwex.
[#2020] _set_invalid_parameter_handler is not defined in MSVCRT.DLL.
[#2021] _fseeki64, _ftelli64, _fseeki64_nolock, _ftelli64_nolock, _fseek_nolock
  and _ftell_nolock were changed from an import to a _CRTALIAS.
[#2024] lseek64 declaration changed to use _off64_t instead of off64_t for use
with __STRICT_ANSI__.
[#2027] ldap_start_tls_s[AW] Corrected declared signature.
[#2046] Guard the inclusion of unistd.h with #ifndef __STRICT_ANSI__.

We have combined the source libraries for winsup/mingw and winsup/w32api into
our own repository named mingw-org-wsl.  This change allows us to maintain our
repositories locally and provide the MinGW users a better maintenance plan.

We have a new license for all files that fell into public domain originally. The
license is now MIT style and is embedded at the top of all files where we were
able to apply our own license to the file.  Files not containing this new
license are stored in the misc directory in the repository.  The move of the
repository files does not change the location of the distributed files.

All include files now include the _mingw.h file in order to make use of some new
macros as explained later.  The w32api.h file is now deprecated and should not
be used.  If you are using it you will receive a warning telling you to not use
the file.

All filters for OS version now check only _WIN32_WINNT and use a named macro as
defined in the new file include/sdkddkver.h and the filters were moved to the
end of the file if possible to reduce the noise caused by the filter.

A new macro named __AW() and defined in _mingw.h is used to suffix a symbol with
the ANSI versus UNICODE A or W declarations and definitions.  This reduced the
number of lines in an include file by significant amounts dependent on the
number of symbols which are specific to ANSI versus UNICODE.

You should now always define NTDDI_VERSION with the least OS version you wish
your application to support.  We determine a default based on the _WIN32_WINNT
value suffixed with 0000 (service pack 0).  If _WIN32_WINNT is not defined we
determine a default for it based on WINVER if it is defined otherwise
_WIN32_WINNT_WIN2K.  If NTDDI_VERSION is defined then _WIN32_WINNT is checked
for a match if defined and give an error if they do not match.  If NTDDI_VERSION
is defined but _WIN32_WINNT not defined _WIN32_WINNT takes on the
OSDIR(NTDDI_VERSION) value.  The windows.h header file will include sdkddkver.h
but you may need to specify the include in your source in order to use the
definitions in that file to set the NTDDI_VERSION.

CRTDLL is no longer supported.  We have removed the creation of the library and
the filters from the code.  This also removes startup object files that you
would have had to specify to the linker.  The GCC specs file is already not
supporting CRTDLL; I do not know when this was removed.

All occurances of __MSVCRT_VERSION__ filters were removed as unneeded.  This
results in the fact that if you do not specify an appropriate -lmsvcr?? library
where ?? represents the library version number and you use a symbol that is
only available in a versioned library DLL then you will either receive an error
during the link step or during runtime.  However, this also removes the
inconsistency between a Microsoft build and the MinGW build in that you do not
need to define __MSVCRT_VERSION__ correctly.

We now have a MSVCRT_VERSION which is aimed to contain a value which represents
the version of the MSVCRT.DLL on a Windows OS.  For instance XP has a version
of 710, Vista has a value of 800 and Win7 has a value of 910.  These values are
based on the (MajorLinkerVersion * 100) + MinorLinkerVersion as returned from
objdump -x MSVCRT.DLL.  The default value will be determined by the value of
_WIN32_WINNT within the _mingw.h file unless the user has defined it already.
This allows the code builder to not need to worry with the value of
MSVCRT_VERSION since it should have the correct value for the targeted OS.

We now assume that GCC is the only compiler used with the MinGW.org WSL
(Windows System Libraries) and that the minimum supported version of GCC is
3.5.4.  This allowed for futher code refactoring reducing the number of lines
in a header file.  You will receive an error if __GNUC__ is not defined or
if the GCC version isn't 3.5.4.

The build system was revamped in order to take advantage of the combined MinGW
runtime and w32api source.  We will currently continue to release both the
mingwrt and the w32api library packages for the time being.  We will eventually
do away with the dual release packages and have a release under the
mingw-org-wsl name.

A new macro _HAVE_32BIT_TIME_T can be used if you are needing _USE_32BIT_TIME_T
and have a library that contains the symbols (e.g. _localtime32).  Otherwise the
when _USE_32BIT_TIME_T is defined but _HAVE_32BIT_TIME_T the time functions use
the 64bit time_t functions and type define as appropriate.  This allows you to
use 32bit time_t with msvcrt.dll but it would be slightly slower.  Note, I
have discovered that the SysWOW64/msvcrt.dll contains the 32bit time_t functions
but we do not deliver libmsvcrt.a with these imports as this is not available on
all systems.  However, you could possibly (needs testing) use the msvcrt.dll
directly to link against and define _HAVE_32BIT_TIME_T during the compile.  In
many cases we create a _CRTALIAS for the functions in the header files.  This
allows an application to use 32bit time_t structures and 32bit time functions
regardless of the MSVCRT.DLL on the system.  If the MSVCRT.DLL contains the
function for the targeted MSVCRT_VERSION value then the function is imported
instead of an alias being defined.

We have an ABI incompatibility due to a reworking of the dirent.c which provides
opendir() and friends.  You will need to rebuild all libraries to that use
these functions.

Issues resolved:
gdtoa/gd_qnan.h: Make NAN constants positive valued.
Add MemoryBarrier to libmingwex.a.
Declare _wexec* and _wspawn* functions in include/process.h.
Declare _strtoi64, _strtoi64_l, _strtoui64, _strtoui64_l, _wcstrtoi64,
  _wcstrtoi64_l, _wcstrtoui64, _wcstrtoui64_l in include/stdlib.h.
Declare _wcstrtoi64, _wcstrtoi64_l, _wcstrtoui64, _wcstrtoui64_l in
Add __STRICT_ANSI__ guard for _getws, _putws, _wfdpen, _wfopen, _wfsopen,
  _wtmpnam, _wtempnam, _wrename, _wremove, _wperror, _wpopen and PATH_MAX.
Declare _lock_file and _unlock_file in include/stdio.h.
When setting default for MAXPATHLEN make sure that PATH_MAX is defined before
  using it in include/sys/param.h.
Declare threadlocalinfostruct, threadmbinfostruct, *pthreadlocinfo,
  *pthreadmbcinfo, _locale_tstruct, and *_locale_t in include/_mingw.h.
Resolve an issue with tsearch.c.
Some preparation for _WIN64.
Performance improvements in libmingwex.a dirent.c code.
Correct _wfindfirst, _wfindnext, _wfindfirst32, _wfindnext32, _wfindfirsti64
  _wfindnexti64, _wfindfirst32i64, _wfindfirst64i32, _wfindnext32i64,
  _wfindnext64i32, _wfindnext64 to use intptr_t in include/io.h.
Add inline definitions for getc, putc, getchar, putchar, fopen64 and ftello64
  in include/stdio.h.
Reapply fix for __dyn_tls_init.
Handling of errno in mingwex is more POSIX conformant.
Redefine the structure for dirent and _wdirent to include d_type and be
  copesetic to Microsoft attributes.
Declare DIR and _WDIR as opaque data types.
__dirstream_t and __wdirstream_t are moved to mingwex dirent.c.
Add MemoryBarrier to include/winnt.h.
Correct declaration of VerQueryValue[AW] based on MSDN in include/winver.h.
Correct typos in include/setupapi.h.
Correct dwItemData definition for tagMENUITMEINFO[AW] in include/winuser.h.
Add declaration of WTSVirtualChannelClose, WTSVirtualChannelOpen,
  WTSVirtualChannelOpenEx, WTSVirtualChannelPurgeInput,
  WTSVirtualChannelPurgeOutput, WTSVirtualChannelQuery, WTSVirtualChannelRead,
  and WTSVirtualChannelWrite in include/wtsapi32.h.
Add import symbols WTSVirtualChannelOpenEx@12 to wtsapi32.def.
Do not deliver amvideo.h and amaudio.h due to incomplete dependencies.
Add delivery of include/sdkddkver.h.
Correct OS version guard for GetModuleHandleEx[AW].
Add delivery of include/shobjidl.h.
Default OS version is now Windows 2000 service pack 0.
Define MAPVK_* in include/winuser.h.
Resolve typo for IMAGE_DLLCHARACTERISTICS_* in include/winnt.h.
Define SIO_UDP_CONNRESET in include/winsock2.h.
Correct GCP_RESULTSW definition in include/wingdi.h.
Define STACK_SIZE_PARAM_IS_A_RESERVATION in include/winbase.h.
Removed PACKED macro from incldue/windef.h.
Replace PACKED in include/wincon.h with __attribute__((packed)).
Correct PREAD_PROCESS_MEMORY_ROUTINE definition in imagehlp.h.
Some new functions and definitions in userenv.h.
O_RAW is now declared if ndef _NO_MOLDNAMES in fcntl.h.
CRYPT_KEY_PROV_INFO and CRYPT_KEY_PROV_PARAM are now defined in wincrypt.h.
KeQueryActiveProcessorCount is now declared in ddk/ntddk.h; but still is
  broken.  See Issue [#1183].
Remove ndef _NO_OLDNAMES guard from off_t in sys/types.h so that it is always
Added definitions of _MCW_DN, _DN_SAVE and _DN_FLUSH to float.h.
The stat functions were modified to use the various _stat32, _stat64,
  _stat64i32, etc functions.  Using _stat will resolve to the correct structure.
  The resolution is a result of _USE_32BIT_TIME_T and _HAVE_32BIT_TIME_T user
  land initiated definitions.  See sys/stat.h for the implementation.
The POINTTOPOINTS returned data type was changed from a POINTS structure to the
  value of MAKELONG based on user experience with the macro.
  were corrected to use the correct data type casts.
Correct the tdelete, tfind and tsearch declarations in search.h
Correct the LaunchScreenSaver implementation in src/libscrnsave/scrnsave.c to
  allow operation on systems older than Windows 2000.
Correct the typo defining LPENUMSTATPROPSTG as a pointer in objfwd.h.
Correct the constants in gd_qnan.h to produce the correct NaN results.
Added declaration and import of WSAPoll function.
Added declaration and import of CertEnumCRLsInStore function.
Corrected declarations and definitions for DllMain [#1670].
Added declaration of _vscwprintf.
Include reason.h in winreg.h so that the public definitions are defined by
  including windows.h.
Define LONG_PTR specific to _WIN64 versus _WIN32.
Define _MAX_ENV if not __STRICT_ANSI__.
Define interfaced declarations for ICreateTypeInfo, ICreateTypeInfo2,
  ICreateTypeLib and ICreateTypeLib2.
Provide implementations for IID_IGlobalInterface, FMTID_DocSummaryInformation,
  FMTID_SummaryInformation, FMTID_UserDefinedProperties, and
Added declaration and import of RegisterTypeLibForUser and
Resolve the shell globbing issue as describe in thread

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