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* ChangeLog: New file.

* .gitignore: Ditto.
* .gitmodules: Ditto.
* Ditto.
* Ditto.
* Ditto.
* doc/gendef/COPYING: Moved from the gendef/ directory.
* doc/gendef/ChangeLog*: Ditto.
* gendef/ Removed.
* gendef/aclocal.m4: Ditto.
* gendef/ Ditto.
* gendef/ Ditto.
* gendef/src/*: Moved to gendef/.
* gendef/src: Removed.
* doc/genidl/COPYING: Moved from the genidl/ directory.
* doc/genidl/ChangeLog*: Ditto.
* genidl/ Removed.
* genidl/aclocal.m4: Ditto.
* genidl/ Ditto.
* genidl/ Ditto.
* genidl/src/*: Moved to genidl/.
* genidl/src: Removed.
* doc/widl/COPYING: New file - version based on source preamble.
* widl/ Removed.
* widl/aclocal.m4: Ditto.
* widl/ Ditto.
* widl/include/ Ditto.
* widl/include/winbase.h: Ditto.
* widl/include/windef.h: Ditto.
* widl/indlude/winerror.h: Ditto.
* widl/include/winnls.h: Ditto.
* widl/include/winnt.h: Ditto.
* widl/src/*: Moved to widl/.
* widl/src: Removed.
* build-aux: Add submodule.

Earnie Boyd Earnie Boyd 2012-08-08

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removed widl/include/winbase.h
removed widl/include/windef.h
removed widl/include/winerror.h
removed widl/include/winnls.h
removed widl/include/winnt.h
renamed widl/src/hash.h -> widl/hash.h
renamed widl/src/header.c -> widl/header.c
renamed widl/src/header.h -> widl/header.h
renamed widl/src/parser.h -> widl/parser.h
renamed widl/src/parser.l -> widl/parser.l
renamed widl/src/ -> widl/
renamed widl/src/ -> widl/
renamed widl/src/parser.y -> widl/parser.y
renamed widl/src/parser.yy.c -> widl/parser.yy.c
renamed widl/src/port/port.c -> widl/port/port.c
renamed widl/src/proxy.c -> widl/proxy.c
renamed widl/src/register.c -> widl/register.c
renamed widl/src/server.c -> widl/server.c
renamed (with changes) widl/src/typegen.c -> widl/typegen.c
renamed widl/src/typegen.h -> widl/typegen.h
renamed (with changes) widl/src/typelib.c -> widl/typelib.c
renamed widl/src/typelib.h -> widl/typelib.h
renamed widl/src/typelib_struct.h -> widl/typelib_struct.h
renamed widl/src/typetree.c -> widl/typetree.c
renamed widl/src/typetree.h -> widl/typetree.h
File was removed.
File was removed.
File was removed.
File was removed.
File was removed.
widl/src/hash.h to widl/hash.h
File was renamed.
widl/src/header.c to widl/header.c
File was renamed.
widl/src/header.h to widl/header.h
File was renamed.
widl/src/parser.h to widl/parser.h
File was renamed.
widl/src/parser.l to widl/parser.l
File was renamed.
widl/src/parser.y to widl/parser.y
File was renamed.
widl/src/parser.yy.c to widl/parser.yy.c
File was renamed.
widl/src/port/port.c to widl/port/port.c
File was renamed.
widl/src/proxy.c to widl/proxy.c
File was renamed.
widl/src/register.c to widl/register.c
File was renamed.
widl/src/server.c to widl/server.c
File was renamed.
widl/src/typegen.c to widl/typegen.c Diff Switch to side-by-side view
widl/src/typegen.h to widl/typegen.h
File was renamed.
widl/src/typelib.c to widl/typelib.c Diff Switch to side-by-side view
widl/src/typelib.h to widl/typelib.h
File was renamed.
widl/src/typetree.c to widl/typetree.c
File was renamed.
widl/src/typetree.h to widl/typetree.h
File was renamed.
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