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MinGW Package Download and Installation Tool



mingw-get is a tool to assist users in the management of MinGW and MSYS
software installations.  Configured via an online XML database, which is
managed by the project maintainers, it offers a choice of graphical and
command line driven user interfaces facilitating selective download and
installation of packages provided by the project.

The XML database provides maintainers with a mechanism for the
specification of inter-package dependencies; this permits configuration
of any package, such that the end user may elect to install just that
specific package, leaving mingw-get to ensure that all dependencies will
be automatically satisfied at installation time.  

Licensing Terms

mingw-get is free software.
Permission is granted to copy, modify and redistribute this
software, under the provisions of the GNU General Public License,
Version 3, (or, at your option, any later version), as published by
the Free Software Foundation; see the file COPYING, which is
distributed with the mingw-get-lic package, and with the source
code, for licensing details.

Note, in particular, that mingw-get is provided "as is", in the
hope that it may prove useful, but WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND; not
PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  Under no circumstances will the author, or the
MinGW Project, accept liability for any damages, however caused,
arising from the use of this software.

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Further Information

For development history, and details of features included in successive
releases of mingw-get, please refer to the NEWS file.

For installation and configuration instructions, see the file INSTALL.

Reporting Bugs

Please file bug reports as directed at

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