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 aclocal.m4 2010-04-18 Keith Marshall Keith Marshall [2a89e6] Correct omission from configure script prerequi... 2010-09-10 Charles Wilson Charles Wilson [6d9a6e] Fix "mingw-get deletes itself" bug in last rite... 2010-01-08 Keith Marshall Keith Marshall [365433] Add CLI version reporting option.

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Release Notes for mingw-get-0.1-mingw32-alpha-4



This is the fourth alpha release of mingw-get; this is primarily a bug
fix release, with few user visible changes.  The installation procedure
remains the same as for previous releases; to upgrade from a previous
release, simply unpack the -bin package over the top of the existing
installation.  For further information, and usage advice, see:

User Visible Changes for mingw-get-0.1-mingw32-alpha-4

- This release of mingw-get fixes a bug in the earlier self-upgrade
  functionality, where any runtime error "deleted" mingw-get.  (mingw-get
  and its support file(s) were actually only renamed, but recovery was
  difficult).  Now, "ordinary" errors such as bad command line arguments,
  failed downloads, missing manifests, etc, will not cause this behavior.
  However, a catastrophic operating system error may prevent the new
  auto-recovery code from executing, leaving mingw-get in its "deleted"
  (e.g. renamed) state.  If this occurs, simply do the following:

     cd /mingw
     mv bin/mingw-get.exe~ bin/mingw-get.exe
     mv libexec/mingw-get/mingw-get-0.dll~ libexec/mingw-get/mingw-get-0.dll

- Add --help|-h option



This is the third alpha release of mingw-get; this is primarily a bug
fix release, with few user visible changes.  The installation procedure
remains the same as for previous releases; to upgrade from a previous
release, simply unpack the -bin package over the top of the existing
installation.  For further information, and usage advice, see:

User Visible Changes for mingw-get-0.1-mingw32-alpha-3

- There is no profile.xml file shipped with this release; users who
  are installing for the first time are advised to copy the supplied
  var/lib/mingw-get/data/defaults.xml configuration file prototype to
  var/lib/mingw-get/data/profile.xml, which may then be customised as
  required; (if no customisation is required, mingw-get can use the
  defaults.xml file directly, but will warn that profile.xml does
  not exist).

- Within defaults.xml, the %R macro has been formally adopted as the
  mechanism for specifying the installation paths for both MinGW and
  for MSYS; this binds the default installation paths for both MinGW
  and MSYS to the installation directory of mingw-get itself, since
  the absolute path to mingw-get.exe is identified as:


  with default base directory paths being defined for each of MinGW
  and MSYS respectively as:


  This arrangement makes it possible for users to choose installation
  locations for both MinGW and MSYS, simply by making the choice of
  where to install mingw-get, without any further need to create, or
  to modify profile.xml, (although, to avoid warnings about a missing
  profile.xml, users may prefer to copy or rename defaults.xml).  As
  for previous releases, the recommended directory for installation is
  C:\MinGW\, and this should not be changed without pressing reason; in
  any event, users who insist on changing it should be aware that, if
  they choose any installation directory which includes white space in
  its absolute path name, their installation may not work correctly,
  and such installations will not be supported by the MinGW Project.

- This release of mingw-get incorporates necessary infrastructure to
  support future upgrades to itself, using its own internal upgrade 
  facility.  This is the first release to support this capability;
  however, the effect will not become apparent until upgrading to
  the next release.


Release Notes for mingw-get-0.1-mingw32-alpha-2


This is the second alpha release of mingw-get.  The majority of changes
since the first alpha release are developer centric, with little end
user impact.  Thus, users are advised to review the release notes for
mingw-get-0.1-mingw32-alpha-1, (appended below); the procedure for the
installation and usage of the alpha-2 release is similar to that for
alpha-1, with a few minor user-visible changes.

User Visible Changes for mingw-get-0.1-mingw32-alpha-2

- The var/lib/mingw-get/data/profile.xml file is no longer included in
  the distribution tarball, (or zipfile); instead, a prototype for this
  file is provided as var/lib/mingw-get/data/defaults.xml

- The repository section of profile.xml may now omit any specific
  reference to a named package-list catalogue, allowing mingw-get to
  interrogate a default catalogue on the repository host.  Users who
  have previously installed a modified profile.xml are advised to
  incorporate changes to the repository definition from defaults.xml
  into their profile.xml

- Users who do not wish to provide a customised profile.xml are advised
  to copy or rename the provided defaults.xml file to profile.xml; this
  remains the preferred name for the configuration file, and mingw-get
  will look for it first.  If it cannot be found, mingw-get will issue
  a warning, before looking for defaults.xml as an alternative.

- The structure of the repository catalogue has changed, to more readily
  accommodate dynamic incremental distribution updates, without requiring
  a corresponding update to mingw-get itself.  While this affects package
  maintainers more than end users, such users are advised to perform a
  regular `mingw-get update', at intervals of a few weeks, to capture
  catalogue updates.

- As a consequence of the preceding change, the list of packages known
  to mingw-get is no longer restricted, as it was previously; additional
  or more up-to-date packages may become available from time to time, as
  individual package maintainers add the appropriate manifests to the
  online repository catalogue; use `mingw-get update' to capture such
  new and updated packages.

At the time of this release, the packages recorded in the distribution
manifest remain as for the alpha-1 release.  With the improved handling
of manifests, additional (and more up-to-date) packages will be added
soon after this release, and will become immediately available to users,
on running `mingw-get update'.


Release Notes for mingw-get-0.1-mingw32-alpha-1


This is the first alpha release of the next generation MinGW installer,
mingw-get; it provides a more readily extensible, and more configurable
alternative to the existing MinGW-5.1.x series of NSIS installers, for
installing MinGW packages.

mingw-get is free software.  Permission is granted to copy, modify and
redistribute it, under the provisions of the GNU General Public License,
Version 3, (or, at your option, any later version), as published by the
Free Software Foundation; see the file COPYING for licensing details.

Note, in particular, that mingw-get is provided "as is", in the hope
that it may prove useful, but WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND; not even an
PURPOSE.  Under no circumstances will the authors, or the MinGW Project,
accept liability for any damages, however caused, arising from the use
of this software.

At the time of this release, mingw-get is still in the early stages of
development; this release provides an opportunity for early adopters to
evaluate the CLI capabilities of the installer component; please report
bugs, (but please, not the known issues identified below), to the MinGW
bug tracker:


To install mingw-get, visit the MinGW files repository at:

and, from the "Automated MinGW Installer/mingw-get" folder, download
your choice of either:



and unpack it into the directory in which you intend to host your MinGW
installation, (the standard default of C:\MinGW [*] is recommended), then
use your preferred method for assignment of environmet variables to add
the appropriate directory, (default C:\MinGW\bin), to your PATH.

[*] If you insist on adopting a different directory from the recommended
default, you are *strongly* recommended to avoid any directory which has
white space in its absolute path name; in particular, those who choose to
ignore this advice, and install MinGW within "C:\Program Files", usually
discover, to their cost, that certain tools do not work correctly.


If you have installed mingw-get in the default location, you will find
its primary configuration file at:


(if you chose a different location, replace "C:\MinGW" with your chosen
installation prefix directory path name).

This is a liberally commented XML file, which you are free to modify as
you see fit, to suit your own installation requirements.  At the present
time, the only entries you should consider changing are the path names
specified by the "path" attribute associated with each of the "sysroot"
elements within the first (only) "system-map" element.  (These specify
the prefix directory path names for your installation; you probably want
to make the path for the "mingw32" subsystem to match your choice for
your mingw-get installation, if you chose not to adopt the default, in
which case you will probably also prefer an alternative choice for the
MSYS subsystem, if you intend to install that).

If you do choose to modify the configuration, you are advised to keep a
backup copy of your modified version, since, particularly during the
alpha phase of development, it may be necessary to overwrite your local
version with an updated distributed version, then fold in your changes
once more.


Invoking mingw-get from the command line, without arguments, is intended
to launch a GUI variant of the application, (but currently, this mode is
not supported; if you try it, you *will* see only an error message).

To invoke the CLI variant of mingw-get, the syntax is:

   mingw-get [-option ...] action [package ...]

Currently supported options are:

   -version                    display the version banner, and exit

Currently supported actions are:

   update                      synchronise the locally cached version
                               of the distribution manifest with the
                               version held at the repository.

   install package ...         install the specified package(s), and
                               any necessary prerequisites.

   upgrade package ...         upgrade package(s) from the installed
                               version to the newest version available,
                               (if not already at the newest version).

   remove package ...          uninstall package(s).

Currently known packages are:

   mingwrt                     the mingw32 runtime libraries.
   w32api                      the MS-Windows API bindings for mingw32.
   binutils                    the GNU binary file utilities.
   gcc                         the GNU C Compiler (currently v3.4.5)
   g++                         the C++ front-end for GCC-3.4.5
   g77                         the FORTRAN-77 front-end for GCC-3.4.5
   ada                         the Ada front-end for GCC-3.4.5
   java                        the java front-end for GCC-3.4.5
   objc                        the Objective-C front-end for GCC-3.4.5
   mingw32-make                native MS-Win32 build of GNU make.

Known Issues

Please do not file bug reports, in respect of the following issues:

1) Cannot start in GUI mode; the error message you see, when you try, is
   expected behaviour, in current alpha releases.

2) "remove" action does not uninstall anything; the uninstaller function
   is currently a stub, so this is expected behaviour.

3) Package list needs updating, for more recent releases; we hope to
   address this progressively, in coming weeks.  Please check the online
   release notes/announcements, and run "mingw-get update" periodically.

4) Need an action to list available/installed packages.

5) Additional features you would like to see added; we want to know your
   ideas, but please raise them for discussion on the mailing-list first.