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@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@
 .\" Austin, Texas  78712
 .\" Many changes - aeb
+.\" More changes - flc
-.TH man 1 "September 2, 1995"
+.TH man 1 "September 19, 2005"
 .LO 1
 man \- format and display the on-line manual pages
@@ -147,7 +148,7 @@
 Format only - do not display.
 .B \-\^h
-Print a one-line help message and exit.
+Print a help message and exit.
 .B \-\^k
 Equivalent to
@@ -180,8 +181,14 @@
 .B @troff@
 to format the manual page, passing the output to 
 .B stdout.
-The output from
+The default output format of
+.B @troff@ 
+is Postscript, refer to the manual page of
 .B @troff@
+for ways to pick an alternate format.
+Depending on the selected format and the availability of printing
+devices, the output
 may need to be passed through some filter or another before being
@@ -461,8 +468,6 @@
 with the
 .B \-m
-apropos(1), whatis(1), less(1), groff(1), man.conf(5).
 .B \-t
@@ -473,7 +478,7 @@
 If you add the line
-  (global-set-key [(f1)] (lambda () (interactive) (manual-entry (current-word))))
+ (global-set-key [(f1)] (lambda () (interactive) (manual-entry (current-word))))
 to your
 .IR .emacs 
@@ -484,4 +489,11 @@
 and underscores, try
   # man foo | col -b > foo.mantxt
+John W. Eaton was the original author of
+.BR "man" .
+Zeyd M. Ben-Halim released man 1.2, and Andries Brouwer followed up with 
+versions 1.3 thru 1.5p.
+Federico Lucifredi <flucifredi@acm.org> is the current maintainer.
+apropos(1), whatis(1), less(1), groff(1), man.conf(5).

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