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--------------------------------------------------------->>> earnie_boyd@yahoo.com 01/31/01 04:37pm >>>
> > I had also a problem to create a program which uses a message box. It
> > worked on win98, but not on WinNT4.0. -> any ideas?
> You should use [gc]++ instead of gcc.  The g++ frontend will find the
> libstdc++.a library for you.
Thank you, it worked! I was so stupid, it is clear to use g++.
> Thanks, I may give this a try tonight.
I have a i686-pc-linux  system and I have tried it on a Mandrake 7.1 and a Debian 2.1 distribution and had no problems.
In the patches, you will find some ideas to improve Makefiles, sources and configure scripts. I hope you will  put them to the official release, if all has worked with your try.