On 11/22/06, Earnie Boyd <earnie@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
Quoting sfniks sfinks <sfinks2@gmail.com>:

> Hi.. I've got this problem with compiling libtorrent on mingw+msys+winxp.
> Hopefully someone here can help...
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> From: sfniks sfinks <sfinks2@gmail.com>
> Date: Nov 22, 2006 5:52 PM
> Subject: Re: libtorrent + mingw/cygwin
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> Hi.
> this is output from MSys console, build with LDFLAGS="-L/boost/lib"
> CPPFLAGS="-I/boost/include/boost-1_33_1" ./configure --prefix=/opt && make
> make itself was successful... but when compiling test it fails...

The tests need to specify the -I and -L option to point to the
$prefix/include and $prefix/lib directories specificly or you'll need
to do it by hand yourself.


Well anyway Brian's suggestions worked fine. I got everthing ok. I also posted Brians message to libtorrents's mailinglist, hopefully developer(s) fix this.
Really great thanks to Brian!