Well, I having problem with exception on MinGW too.

The exception below is not catched on Windows, but on Linux works well.

    Glib::RefPtr<Gnome::Glade::Xml> refXml;
        refXml = Gnome::Glade::Xml::create(
    catch (Gnome::Glade::XmlError& error)
            refXml = Gnome::Glade::Xml::create("src/" GLADEFILE, GLADEROOT);
        catch (Gnome::Glade::XmlError& error2)
            show_error(error.what(), true);

2009/5/20 Olivier Guilyardi <list@samalyse.com>
I am encountering a problem where I rise a C++ exception, which consists in a
class that sub-subclasses std::exception. The constructor of this exception
class is properly called. However, my catch statement is never reached, and the
application freeze, entering a dead loop that eats all cpu.

QtCreator/gdb doesn't tell anything, no source line, no error message, nothing.

The application is multi-threaded, but the throw/catch sequence happens in a
single (worker) thread.

The general idea:

class BaseException: public std::exception
   BaseException(std::string message) throw()
       this->message = message;
       DEBUG("Exception: %s", message.c_str());
   ~BaseException() throw() {}

   virtual const char* what() const throw()
       return message.c_str();

   std::string message;

class NotEnoughFramesError: public BaseException {
   NotEnoughFramesError(std::string filename) throw()
           : BaseException("Not enough frames in sample file: " + filename) {}

This code works fine on gcc/linux.

Is there anything special I should be aware of when dealing with exceptions in


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