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> When I run the command I get:
> $ perl -Mstrict -le 'print $strict::VERSION'
> 1.04

Odd .... that should have thrown up the same @INC problem - unless you ran
that command from within a directory that contains strict.pm.

I've no idea how you get version 1.04. We're obviously looking at different
perl tarballs here.

>> Where is strict.pm located in your installation ? I suspect it might be
>> missing altogether, and if that's the case try re-installing perl. The
>> perl
>> package that Keith specified
>> (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/perl-5.6.1-MSYS-1.0.11-1.tar.bz2)
>> definitely contains strict.pm in the 2 @INC locations I mentioned above.
> strict.pm can be found in:
> C:\msys\1.0\local\lib\perl5\5.6    ==    /local/lib/perl5/5.6
> C:\msys\1.0\local\lib\perl5\5.6\msys      ==     /local/lib/perl5/5.6/msys
> These dont seem to be in @INC, how do I add them?

Not easily - better to have everything installed in the right place. Were
you in 'local' when you unpacked the package ? You need to 'cd /' before
unpacking it.

I'm no longer sure that
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/perl-5.6.1-MSYS-1.0.11-1.tar.bz2 is
the package that I used to install my perl - but I've checked, and that
package definitely unpacks into 'lib', 'bin', etc. and not 'local/lib',
'local/bin', etc. I can only assume that you were in the wrong directory
when you unpacked it, and that you ought to remedy that by cd'ing to the
root directory and unpacking again. The duplication of perl in 'local'
shouldn't matter, though you could go through and remove as much of it as
you like. For example, you could remove the 'perl' folder from /local/lib.
But the first thing I would be doing is re-installing perl, and ensuring
that it goes into /usr, not /usr/local.


It seems that this is never ending. Went ahead and installed perl in /usr instead. went to make and got yet another error:
$ make
 cd . && automake-1.9 --foreign  Makefile
sh: /bin/autoconf: No such file or directory
automake-1.9: autoconf failed with exit status: 127
make: *** [Makefile.in] Error 127

its looking for /bin/autoconf which is where it is. Thought that it maybe PATH:
export PATH=".:/bin:/usr/local/bin:/mingw/bin:$PATH"

deadpickle@ITSONLYCHEESE /
$ ls bin/
a2p.exe          diff.exe                   lnkcnv            rview
aclocal          diff3.exe                  ls.exe            rvim
aclocal-1.10     dirname.exe                m4.exe            rxvt.exe
aclocal-1.9      dprofpp                    make.exe          s2p
autoconf         echo                       makeinfo.exe      sed.exe
autoconf-2.13    egrep                      md5sum.exe        sh.exe

I know I'm going to feel stupid but, what am I missing?

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