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Do any of the items listed at
https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?limit=10&func=&group_id=2435&atid=102435&assignee=&status=&category=&artgroup=681027&keyword=&submitter=&artifact_id=&limitz=100&assignee=&status=&category=&artgroup=681027&submitter=&keyword=&artifact_id=&submit=Filter&limitz=10&mass_category=&mass_priority=&mass_resolution=&mass_assignee=&mass_artgroup=&mass_status=&mass_cannedresponse= help

I looked through them and tried the one about the privleges for install and install-info. BTW you can see the output from trying to install gtkimageview using msys at pastebin (http://pastebin.ca/1371717), maybe this can be of some help. Just a warning, it is the entire output and is pretty long. I downloaded the manifest files and put then in the bin/ folder along side the install.exe and install-info.exe files. I didnt do anything to them just put them there, that all I could understand from the forum posts. got the same permission problems. Did I need to do something with the manifest files?


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