On 10/19/05, Shadow2531 <shadow2531@tbbs.net> wrote:
Michael Gerdau wrote:
>>Is free() implemented differently with mingw compared to other
>>compilers like msvc++. (mingw 3.4.2 specifically)
> There is a misconception here - libmsvcrt.a is created from msvcrt.dll.

In asking elsewhere, someone asked me,

"By the way, why doesn't mingw include its own runtime libraries? It
seems very curious that they reuse the VC versions. How is that
licensed? Meanwhile, their not giving you source code for the
libraries will make debgging certain classes of problems quite difficult."

Could you address that question.



You appear to be confused as to what MinGW is.  I suggest you read the first  paragraph on http://www.mingw.org.

MinGW does not contain an implementation of a C runtime, it is intended to enable people to use the native windows implementation.