On 11/23/05, Keith MARSHALL <keith.marshall@total.com > wrote:
An update on my earlier posting:
> Lennart Borgman wrote:
>> The page http://www.mingw.org/ now looks a bit odd in Firefox
>> (1.0.7).  The right column at least on my pc has a wide left
>> padding.
> Hmm.  It also looks bad in Mozilla 1.5, but appears fine in IE6.

However, on my aged but trusty GNU/Linux box, both with Mozilla 1.0
and with Konqueror 2.1 (I think), it looks fine.  Any HTML experts
out there, who might be able to suggest how we could make this look
consistent, regardless of browser?

I had brief look at the code, and the problem seems related to these lines:

#RSide {
    float: right;
    margin-right: 1ex;
    overflow: hidden;
    width: 20em;
    font-size: .7em;

The space for the RSide is reserved on the Content div with a right margin defined in mingw-new.css (BTW, why another css???):

#Content {
/* IE margins here */
    margin-right: 19em;
body>div#Content {
/* Mozilla margins here */
    margin-right: 21em;

now, since the widths are declared in em units, they depends on the actual font size, so the 21 (or 19) 'em's of Contents are about 30% wider than the 20 'em's of RSide, yielding to the blank margin. You can verify this by just commenting the line:
    font-size: .7em;
in the RSide selector and seeing how then it fills the whole space.

If this is what you want to achieve, I would make this 2 modifications (but please note I only tested it for the front page and only in firefox/linux):
1. remove mingw_news.css from the html
2. add a margin-left: 1em; to the RSide selector

As already pointed out, there is a lot of cleanup to be done on the css.