Hi list,

I have added support for remote debugging using gdbserver for my IDE project (http://codelite.org). All is functioning well besides the interrupt ('pause debugger').

I am using the GDB MI.
Now, according to the docs, if I executes the '-exec-interrupt' command, the gdbserver will interrupt the debuggee process.

here is the sequence of commands I type:

gdbserver shell: gdbserver localhost:9090 myexe.exe

at this point the gdbserver starts as expected and waits for connetion on port 9090
I opened a new shell, and started typing the following:

gdb          shell: gdb myexe.exe -i=mi
gdb          shell: (gdb)target remote localhost:9090
gdb          shell: ... some info is printed here ...
gdb          shell: (gdb)-exec-continue
gdb          shell: <----------at this point, the 'debuggee' process is running properly (I can see its output in the gdbserver cmd prompt) however, the gdb itself is blocked, that is, I can not type commands
gdb          shell: -exec-interrupt   <----------- not working

Am I missing something here? or is it a bug in GDB?

Eran Ifrah