I implemented my own UI for my IDE using GDB MI interface.
Some of the documented functions are not implemented, this is understandable (e.g. -thread-list-all-threads ).

However, I found some differences between the breakpoint placements which forces me to to use the CLI break command when it comes to placing breakpoints.
The main difference, is when placing a breakpoint inside DLL while the application not started, but 'set breakpoint pending on' is set.
When using the CLI command 'break <file:line>, i get the message:

No source file named <file>.
Breakpoint X <file>:line pending.

And the breakpoint does hit.

But when setting a breakpoint inside a DLL (loaded with LoadLibrary()) using the -break-insert command I just get the message
No source file named <file>.

and of course the breakpoint never hit.

Any ideas?

Eran Ifrah