OS: Win XP Sp2
GCC: 3.4.5

I just upgraded my gdb from gdb 6.6 to the technology preview 6.7.5, and I noticed one immediate different:
Breakpoints placed inside DLLs loaded using LoadLibrary() are never hit.
In 6.6, I could simply run my program, pause it *after* all symbols have been loaded, place a breakpoint inside the dll and continue and when execution hit the breakpoint, I could debug it.
Using the same procedure, same dll & application is not possible using 6.7.5, the response I get from the debugger is: 'no source name formatter.cpp' (which obviously exist and has debugging symbols)

Is anyone aware of this bug? or is there a workaround available? (I am posting it here since it seems like the right place, please correct me if I am wrong)


Eran Ifrah