On 1/10/07, Earnie Boyd <earnie@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Dave, I need to understand why you chose to skip the selection sections
> of an already chosen Current vs Candidate, etc.  I would like to be
> able to use the MinGW installer to install a Current version as well as
> a Candidate version.

Perhaps because they share the same registry keys and second install overwrites the previous one and you will need to update/delete your previously installed package manually.

Is this stuff with Current/Candidate/Previous really useful? For a user who need to compile OpenSource projects on Windows system it doesn't seem so. User needs a quick-to-get installer with as little options as possible. Developers could install required MinGW candidates and previous versions by merely unpacking files into correct directories, right? Advanced users could keep it in the same way to download and unpack release they needed given that manual installation instructions are available on the site.

If we need to preserve previous behaviour in installer we need to make three different uninstalls for every MinGW variant or one intelligent installer/uninstaller. If there will be one installer then it must be installed into one central location and be able to use uninstall information from all packages regardless of their versions. This can lead to backward compatibility overhead and/or inability to uninstall due to incompatibilities. On the other side even if there are three uninstallers installer need to detect all of them and propose upgrade/install for every version.

This becomes even more complicated if you want to add MSYS and DTK into installer. Considering MSYS doesn't have any Current/Candidate options it would only confuse users further (esp. with this all-in-one or separate directory options).
I'd propose keep it simple - remove Candidate/Previous from selection completely and concentrate on MSYS/DTK installation.