On 1/16/07, Earnie Boyd <earnie@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

Each package maintains its own regression testing usually by means of
``make check''.  We have nothing special in MinGW or MSYS.

> Even thought it took time to traverse all empty CVS directories I haven't
> found any remnants
> of it.

What were you looking for in CVS?  Was it the regression testing or
coreutils?  Are you accepting the call to action to find the
regression?  You'll find coreutils at msys/packages
http://mingw.cvs.sourceforge.net/mingw/msys/packages/ in case that is
what you were looking for.

It was regression testing I was looking for in CVS. I wondered how did you manage
to find the regression. I thoughy there should be a way to test whole MinGW toolchain
before release. This doesn't mean I am able to contribute to finding the cause of
regression. Sorry.