you can also enable remote login via ssh on the MAC, and have your colleagues log in, and compile directly on the MAC via Makefiles, avoiding the need for a cross-compiler, or for MACs on every desk.

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 1:37 PM, Earnie Boyd <> wrote:

Quoting Xochitl Lunde <>:

>> I think you misunderstand. MinGW can be used to compile Windows
>> applications on Windows or Linux. If the application is not designed to
>> compile and run on Windows then MinGW will not help you. I think that
> you
>> are thinking of Cygwin.
> Nope, I know that the purpose of MinGW is to build applications for
> Windows.  I just wondered if it had any 'less-advertised' features for
> building Linux apps on other operating systems like the Mac OSX or even if
> it could be installed on Mac OS and do the same thing.  Do you mean that
> Cygwin can do this?  I avoid Cygwin, as it seems to be the practice to
> distribute modified versions of the monster which are not compatible with
> newer versions of Cygwin and also do not allow multiple installations so
> that a developer can use Cygwin for more than one thing.  I currently have
> a broken version of Cygwin installed, which is the development environment
> for some third-party hardware I am working with.  MinGW just feels more
> 'pure' to me, no offense to Cygwin fans.

You can build a GCC cross system that executes on windows to build
applications for Linux, Mac, etc as long as you follow the rules of
building a cross complier.  The caution of doing this is the speed of
which Windows vs Linux executes.  Linux is so much faster that others
feel it foolish to attempt such a cross.  And I wouldn't add Cygwin to
the mix because its emulation will slow the process even more.


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