2007/11/15, Brian Dessent <brian@dessent.net>:
Bo Yang wrote:

> You mean, the files in /bin directory of Msys is not windows native
> binaries. So what are they?

This depends on what overloaded definition of "native" you're using.
MSYS binaries are native in that they are intel x86 PE standard Win32
.exes and .dlls, there is no virtual machine, bytecode, interpreter,
etc.  To the Windows kernel they are no different than any other Win32
application or process.  But they are not native in the sense that they
are not using the Microsoft C runtime but instead the MSYS runtime.

Thank you for your clear explaination very much. And the I have another two more questions, could you please help answering them?
1. Does mingw runtime and msys runtime the same thing?
2. What are the main functions of these two runtime? Provide C function of c's standard library? Of somethin more?

> Yeah, so what is the difference between cyginw's make and msys's make?

Both MSYS and Cygwin runtimes provide implementations of POSIX APIs, but
they work slightly differently, and are incompatible.  In other words,
"/usr/local" to MSYS could mean something entirely different than
"/usr/local" to Cygwin, as the two runtimes are not using the same list
of path translations.

Both  runtime are dlls which contain the neccessary functions and emulate the POSIX APIs, right? Thanks!