Thanks for the reply about the 5.0.0 installer.  Downloaded the latest
mingw installer last night 5.0.2 and tested it today and was pleased
to find that it worked as expected.  So can use the directory for
future installs. 

I have been using  mingw-3.1.0-1.exe,  msys-1.0.10.exe and
msysdtk-1.0.1.exe for some time now  as have setup autoit
scripts to streamline the installation of the packages.
Just lazy I guess

However recently was looking at the r-project and they are
using more current versions of mingw to compile their source.

Also in case this page has not been brought to the attention of
the mingw developers.   Reported are bugs in ld.exe, tar.exe, tcl/tk builds
with mingw.   I am going to email the site contact particularly about
how to verify the problems with tcl/tk build under mingw.