I am trying to compile "rsaref20" from the Bruce Schneier Applied Cryptography book seen here:
It has some old style c code.
Here is an example:
void DES_CBCInit (context, key, iv, encrypt)
DES_CBC_CTX *context;                                            /* context */
unsigned char key[8];                                                /* key */
unsigned char iv[8];                                 /* initializing vector */
int encrypt;                     /* encrypt flag (1 = encrypt, 0 = decrypt) */
The compiler is being invoked via Code::Blocks 10.05 development environment.
These are the types of error: generated:
The second amd third error points to that function.
The first error does not like comments within comments.
Are there flags to avod these problems or do I have to modify the source code?
C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\RSAREF20\SOURCE\global.h|3|warning: "/*" within comment|
C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\RSAREF20\SOURCE\DESC.C|200|error: variable or field 'DES_CBCInit' declared void|
C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\RSAREF20\SOURCE\DESC.C|200|error: 'context' was not declared in this scope|
How do I get the compiler via Code::Blocks to compile these older c source files without meddling with the function definitions.
That is changing all of them to the new style that has all of the parameters in the brackets?
Thank You.