My congratulations as well, Earnie (even though you are still just a kid) and Luke.

FWIW:  MinGW has been our tool of choice since converting our Hydrographic Survey system from OS/2 to Windows.  This system consists of over 400,000 SLOC and is used on the entire fleet of Naval Oceanographic ships engaged in mapping the sea floor.  Several ships under contract to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also use a variant of this system.  These systems have important defense and homeland security implications.  All code involved runs on Linux as well as Windows so while not a determining factor in selecting MinGW the common compiler/linker is definitely a plus in helping us maintain our build environment.

We started using MinGW in 1997.

Just thought you might be interested.

Roger Wells, P.E.
221 Third St
Newport, RI 02840
401-847-4210 (voice)
401-849-1585 (fax)
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09/27/2005 10:55 PM
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        Subject:        Re: [Mingw-users] September POTM

Earnie Boyd wrote:

> Community,
> We have been recognized.  Check it out
> Earnie

Congratulations, Earnie!

I never saw a photo of you (or any other MinGW people) before, and you
are a little older than I expected.  Maybe I should call you `Uncle
Earnie'?  ;-)

And Luke, young and energetic.  I think I am really getting old....

I am wondering how old Danny is now.

Best regards,


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