I used two different networks to try the mail list search on http://www.mingw.org, but both searches timed out.  Sorry if this has already been asked.

I know MINGW can be used to build Linux applications such that those applications will run on Windows.  I am wondering if it can be used on Windows to x-compile for the MAC?  Although I personally have a MAC at my disposal, I am the only one in my workgroup who does, so if MINGW could be used, that might be a better solution than buying Macs all around.  Right now I am just investigating options for the Mac port.

The code that we have builds natively on Linux (we use FC8) via makefiles and on Windows via Visual Studio 2008.  I personally have Linux FC8, Windows XP, and OSX10 computers at my desk.  

Thank you for your thoughts,

Xochitl Lunde-Monzon
Tripp Lite Software Engineer