> On 2010-02-24 13:30Z, Fabien.Bouleau@ses.com wrote:
> >
> > However when I open a MSYS console using the desktop icon and type vim at
> > the prompt, I get a 'sh: vim: command not found'. Is vim not supposed to
> > be part of the MSYS package? Is it possible to install it at a later stage
> > (using the binary version of the MinGW download page, not by recompiling
> > it)?
> Sure: download the binary tarball here:
> then extract it, e.g. with this command:
>   bsdtar -xkf vim-7.2-1-msys-1.0.11-bin.tar.lzma
> to /usr as the release notes suggest.

Thanks for the hint. I downloaded all four lzma files and installed it with:

   lzma -d *.lzma
   cd /
   for f in $HOME/*.lzma; do tar xvf $f; done


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