Hello together,


very much thanks for that helpful instruction:

HOWTO compile and use the mpatrol memory leak detection library


I tried to keep very strictly to it and was "almost" succesful up to the end.


But I get errors, if I try to link, using the command:

g++ -g -lmpatrol -lbfd -liberty -lintl -limagehlp -o main.exe main.o


I get the error mesage:


c:/mingw/include/mpatrol.h:1061: undefined reference to `__mp_alloc'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status.


The libraries are all existent and are found, (compiling also without errors).


The only "abnormal" behaviour during the make process was an unknown

switch "-mno_cygwin", where the make process stopped.


Because we use mingw here anyway (and I havn't installed Cygwin at all),

I deleted all occurences of "-mno-cygwin". After that, I run through "make"

and "make install" without errors.


Finally, I copied all files below "local" into the mingw-directories.


So far I ended up.

I searched for "mpatrol __app_alloc" also in this discussion group,

but all, what I got, was http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mpatrol/message/803

with no further help for me.


So I would be pleased, if anybody has any idea, what can I do further.


Is it possible, that my error has somehing to do with the unknown "-mno-cygwin" switch?


Do I miss a library due to the "undefined reference to `__mp_alloc'", but which library

could that be (I linked to all, what I found in the mpatrol.pdf document.)

Any other idea?


Thanks for giving your time



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