Hello to everyone, I have some questions regarding to process:

1- Is there anyway to create a process like "sleep 300" inside the bash shell, where the winpid be a child process of the sh.exe itself?

If I execute sleep, sysinternals process explorer reports that the WIN-PPID of sleep is nonexistent, and in my opinion should be a "child" process of sh.exe

2- When msys starts, Is it possible to launch a shell script without spawning two shell processes?

I have a sentence like: start "BGINFO4X for Windows"  /HIGH "%WD%sh" --login -i -c "./BGINFO4X.sh"

Is it possible something like:  start "BGINFO4X for Windows"  /HIGH "%WD%sh -c ./BGINFO4X.sh"
spawning only a process instead of two?

Sorry for my ignorance. I appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot.