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2013/1/9 Renato Silva <>

Em 08/01/2013 20:08, "Lou godio" <> escreveu:

> Keith,
> ?? Are you saying I should create a file called '.profile' in directory MINGW\msys\1.0\home that contains a single command:
> cd \MINGW

Not in home but in its ADMIN subdir, and with forward slash in the cd command. MSYS is going to create a subdir matching current user and set the HOME var to that path, unless there was already a value for it when MSYS was started, in which case your ~ is going to be what has been set there. See /etc/profile for more details.

Personally I like to start in the desktop directory, and since /home is mounted to C:\Users here, I just need to cd ~/Desktop in my ~/.profile. Maybe you like something like that, instead of initiating in the root of MinGW, which sounds like you would want to modify it.