2012/10/29 Andrew <notes@shaw.ca>
From: Renato Silva [mailto:br.renatosilva@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 12:29 PM

> What do you mean just the single bin? Paste the output of the command
> bash -c "echo $PATH | tr : \\n"

Just so you know, what I meant was that the output from the above command


I just started cmd.exe and set my path (over writing all the other junk) to
the one directory before running rxvt.


> Try the procmon utility, run your problematic msys.bat or whatever then
catch all file paths
> it reads, then export to csv, open it in some spreadsheet editor and sort
by the path
> column, then check what you see there.

Thanks to you and Maximus5 for that suggestion. I thought that should show
me for sure...

However, in the < .04 seconds it takes to run, I get ~600 lines.. but after
looking through them I still do not see anything obvious that it's trying to
read that might cause it to exit. I tried your suggestion of sorting by
path, but I still don't see anything. Maybe I'm blind. ;)

Well, did you try removing the duplicated entries? I thought I didn't need to mention that. If you can get the column properly sorted, paste it onto a text file and run uniq in the sorted lines: echo txt | uniq.
I noticed that if I put a .bashrc into /msys it seems to read and execute
it. It doesn't seem to find a .bashrc if I put it in /msys/home/<user>

Do you mean an actual /msys mount point? Because there's no such a thing, not in the standard MSYS at least, maybe in MSYS developer toolkit, not sure though. If you just mean where MSYS is installed ok. Either way, try ~/.profile, check if the commands in it are executed when starting bash from cmd.exe, rxvt, and mintty. For being sure where ~ is, cd ~ && pwd. Create a ".profile" there with touch or echo, because explorer won't allow it, you can then edit with some editor and save.