2012/10/29 Earnie Boyd <earnie@users.sourceforge.net>
On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Andrew wrote:
> From: Renato Silva
>> How about mintty?
> I hadn't tried it, but just grabbed it and tried it, and it starts up fine
> and gives me the prompt.

And mintty has the same issues as rxvt when it comes to communicating
to native windows binaries.  The PTY doesn't work correctly with
either rxvt nor mintty and you end up with pipes and isatty() returns
false.  Use the native console for it MSYS.  You'll be much happier in
the end.

Pretty happy with mintty here. When I have some problem, like Python's and Ruby's interactive mode, I just run cmd.exe. For anything else, mintty, as you say, WJFFM.