2013/2/22 LRN <lrn1986@gmail.com>
Look in coreutils-5.97-3-msys-1.0.13-ext.tar.lzma

Thanks so much! I looked at that package's description actually, but I ignored it for not seeing sha1sum listed.

2013/2/22 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org>
I think this thread demonstrates the downsides of such a philosophy.
Disk space is not at premium anymore; user time (and attention when
reading mingw-get's output ;-) is.  My recommendation would be to lump
everything in a single tarball.

I assumed msys-coreutils as related to MSYS core components instead of corresponding to the GNU tool set, without really paying attention to its description. Even so I wondered if the ext package contained it for whatever reason, but it doesn't mention sha1sum. So I agree, but I think listing the files contained in a package would already help a lot.