2013/2/8 Keith Marshall <keithmarshall@users.sourceforge.net>
Of course not!  Why don't you just *read* what I wrote?

* I did not expect elevation; the application does not require it.

* I ran the application as a normal user; it ran as expected.  It did
  not request elevation; (I would not have granted it).

* Attempting to simulate my best guess of the OP's scenario, I ran it
  again, this time as an administrator.  It did not request elevation;
  it already had it, so why would it ask?  It *did* ask for permission
  to modify settings on the computer; this is as expected, according
  to my UAC configuration.

I have read again more carefully, I was a bit arrogant, sorry. I can confirm your results too. It's funny though how often OPs drop the conversation without any feedback while we keep discussing it here :-/