2013/2/12 John Brown <johnbrown105@hotmail.com>
Which codepage does an MSYS terminal use?

I have a file output.dat which seems to be mostly text with 0x0A line
endings, but there are a few bytes that are out of the 7-bit ASCII
range. As a result, the file looks different depending on the tool
used to view it.

In a CMD.EXE window (code page = 850 according to chcp),
`type output.dat' prints

In a MSYS window, `cat output.dat' prints
 %TOTAL O¸'.23

Notepad displays it as
 ‰TOTAL Œ¸‚.23

The actual 14 bytes in a hex editor are:
A0 89 54 4F 54 41 4C A0 8C B8 82 2E 32 33

I am not sure what you will see because I am sending this as
text. If outlook.com sends it as UTF-8, all will be well,
but if not ...

I believe that the MSYS output is closest to what the creators
of the file had in mind. I would like to know what `cat' and/or
MSYS did to produce that output.

I don't think knowing what encoding is used by the "MSYS terminal" will help with your problem. You need to rather find out if the original file is really supposed to be read as text, and if so, what encoding was used to generate it. Based on the file name and contents, and from the fact that it doesn't look like UTF-8, CP850 or ISO-8859-1, my guess is that the bytes following that total may represent a number, not a set of characters, so that you would need to concatenate all bits together to properly read it. Either way, can you provide more details about this file and your overall problem?