Thanks, that worked great. Now, is there a special way to install pcre and curl (with ssl support)  into this? Or can I just copy those files from my cygwin directory?

Charles E. Smith
Software Developer
N2 Net Security, Inc. 

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Keith Marshall <> wrote:
On 25/04/2012, Charles Smith wrote:
> The initial install of mingw didn't work for me. There was no gcc
> installed. I tried manually installing it, but I get an error about
> libgmp-10.dll not being installed. That dll doesn't exist anywhere in the
> mingw directory structure. What am I doing wrong?

Nothing, (except, perhaps, neglecting to check the list archives for
the past day or two).

There is a regression in the latest mingw-get.exe; I'll post a fix as
quickly as I can.  In the meantime:

 mingw-get update
 mingw-get install --reinstall --recursive gcc

maybe followed by:

 mingw-get install --reinstall --recursive libgmp-dll

should get you up and running.


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