I can add more information. This only happens with Windows 2008 (R2).

These are the tests:

1-Create a test.bat with the following sentence: "C:\Program Files (x86)\BGINFO4X for Windows 3.2.4\bin\sh.exe"
2- Launch test.bat -> 1 second.
3- Create a service that launches test.bat. Time to start on Windows 7 32 bits: 1 second.
4- Create a service that launches test.bat. Time to start on Windows 2008 R2: 30 seconds.

Note: launching the service with a defined user or the LOCAL SYSTEM account, has no difference in the results.

Could you help me? My MSYS version is: 1.0.18(0.48/3/2)

My "conclusion" is that this happens with any "msys command": ls.exe, sh.exe, ....

Thanks a lot.

2013/12/14 BGINFO for X <bginfo4x@kztsoftware.com>
Hello to all,

I can add more information to the problem:

1- I start the windows serivce, open a cmd.exe ("allow interact with the desktop checked"), and cd to MSYS/bin, then I execute ls.exe: the ls needs about 30 seconds to start. The problem also appears. 

So I think that the problem is not related to sh.exe, and it is related to any MSYS program that output something to the console cmd.exe, when started as a service.

2- After waiting for 30 seconds, sh.exe starts.Then If I execute ls.exe, then it goes fast !

Can you help me?
Thanks a lot.

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From: BGINFO4X <bginfo4x@kztsoftware.com>
Date: 2013/12/13
Subject: [Mingw-users] Msys slow start when started as a service
To: MinGW Users List <mingw-users@lists.sourceforge.net>

Hello to all,

I have a performance problem related to msys:

Wth an external tool called nssm (http://nssm.cc), I start a windows service that launches a cmd.exe ("allow interact with the desktop checked")

Until here all is ok: cmd.exe opens very fast.

Then, I try to launch sh.exe (or msys.bat), and I need to wait at least 30 seconds before it starts. This is not normal on my opinion.

Could you help me? Do you have any clue?

Thanks a lot and regards.

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