I am running into an issue using mingw32-make with a makefile that has specified some target dependencies using Windows style directories (IE ..\myDirectory instead of ../myDirectory).  It appears that "\" is being treated as a concatenation operator in the dependency name.  This is leading to make errors (specified target cannot be found).

Here is a simple makefile example that exhibits this behavior:

<Start Makefile>

# Variables

# Targets

setup: $(LIBDIRNAME)

    if not exist $(LIBDIRNAME) mkdir $(LIBDIRNAME)
.PHONY: setup

<End Makefile>

In the Windows command shell I execute:

>mingw32-make -f test_make.gcc setup

I receive the error:

*** No rule to make target '...lib', needed by 'setup'.  Stop

Note that is has removed the "\" character in the dependency name.  It should be looking for a target name '..\lib' instead of '..lib'.

If I execute:

>mingw32-make -f test_make.gcc ..\lib

I do not receive any errors and the directory is created correctly.  Do I need to do something additional to tell mingw32-make that I am using Windows style paths?

> mingw32-make --version says I have GNU Make 3.82.90