@Keith - "Did you, perhaps, push the source modifications before
you remade the targets, and neglect to push the updated issue.log files?
Were the updated targets published to FRS?"

No, I only downloaded MinGW again and ran the basic install, then selected the packages mentioned in the basic section. Prior to installing I deleted the MinGW folder, which as far as I could tell wiped out all traces (didn't bother undoing PATH settings). 


On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 8:36 AM, David Gressett <DGressett@amli-denton.com> wrote:
... snip ...
> ... the C compiler fails to
> run (to compile a hello world) giving a pop-up that the file libmpc-3.dll is
> not installed on this system.

You will get libmpc-3.dll if you install enough of the mingw
packages. I installed almost all of them in several batches, so I
still don't know which one provides it.
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