On 21 August 2012 11:59, Nathan Ridge <zeratul976@hotmail.com> wrote:

>> The latest version of Eclipse (Juno) works very well in my experience,
>> much better than previous versions. I can't comment on other IDEs.
> I am using Juno CDT for C code development. But the static code
> analyzer Codan works erratically.


That sounds like a configuration problem. Do you have the right include
paths and macro definitions in "Project Properties" -> "C/C++ General"
-> "Preprocessor Includes, Macros, etc."?

Yes, I did. The named constants (#define MACRO) belonging to a specific file is browsable when I CTRL+Click on it. Yest, the static code analyzer underlines them with Red reporting them as unresolved symbols. I have tried every possibility of rebuilding index on the whole project, excluding & re-including the corresponding .H file where the MACROs are stored, deleting and recreating .sc workspace file, refreshing the whole project again and again, but nothing worked. Most astonishingly, I can build the whole project without any issue. MinGW reports absolutely no error.


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