On 22 June 2012 14:25, Fatih Küçükyavuz <fatihkyavuz@gmail.com> wrote:
I know there are some X11 libraries ported to Windows and maintained
by some commercial companies. Exceed XDK, MKS toolkit and LabF are
examples for allowing X11 development for Windows platforms. What I
need is to compile and link my Qt application with X11 libraries. I do
not want to bother about X11 API. I want to use single source code
base for X11 development with Qt.
And in which way the usual Qt backend impedes that? Provided that your code uses only Qt and/or standard library APIs, you can very easily rebuild it in Windows with no changes. Actually, some of the point of libraries such as Qt or GTK is that you do not need to think whether you are using Windows, X11 or Cocoa.

We all know that, if we build a Qt application on Linux platform, it
becomes automatically an XWindow application and if we build the same
source code in windows platform, it becomes automatically a Win32
application without X11 support. What I want is to use the Linux Qt
X11 libraries in my Win32 application.
If you do not want to bother with X11 API, why is it so important that Qt uses an X11 backend?