On 22 June 2012 15:26, Fatih Küçükyavuz <fatihkyavuz@gmail.com> wrote:

Qt's X11 backend usage is important because I want my application to
be an X11 application on Windows platform. (I know it is strange but
my requirements force me to develop a XClient on windows OS.)


This is the strange part, indeed. If you really need your application to run on X11 is because you expect some interactions between it and some other piece of software to occur via X11 protocols. If you do not intend to write X-specific code, how do you expect your application to accomplish that? Or is it another program that will send X events to your application?
At any rate, this question would probably be better posed at the Qt mailing lists since, if what you intend is possible/supported, it will involve building your own custom-configured Qt from source.