True for standard mingw using these packages will not work but i use them with some succes on mingw64 (a few needed recompilation because of internal paths being different "mostly affects tools that use bash scripts or otherwise rely on a unix shell"). Luckily most of the sources and patches from there RPM repo compile just fine with msys/mingw, there are a few cases where you need work around some shortcommings of the Msys shell but they are luckily rare enough.
Things from the opensuse repo i know compile and work on Msys/MinGW are gtk glib gimp atk cairo pango and there C++ wrappers and many more like all the image libraries.
Things i had some trouble getting to compile include ICU (use the compiled version from them and fix paths in the shell scripts etc. after that it works just fine). 
Python builds but do not work correctly on windows (im still stuck with the old python5 mingw port which is the only one that works correctly, but its getting more and more outdated and cannot be used for a lot of the later python packages).       
2012/3/22 Charles Wilson <>
On 3/22/2012 7:58 AM, Keith Marshall wrote:
> In common with many of the Linux distributors, OpenSUSE provide packages
> derived from MinGW, to furnish Linux-->MinGW cross-compilers.  They do this
> without formal reference to, and we provide no formal support for
> their efforts.  Sadly, none of these projects appear to exhibit any incentive
> to contribute back to

And sadly, most of those cross compilers appear to use sjlj exception
handling (like some of TDM's compilers, and the mingw64 compilers), not
the dw2 exception handling that's compilers use. Hence, those
sjlj packages are not compatible with (a) libraries provided by, nor (b)'s compilers.

The reverse is also true.

In the ideal future, the SEH effort that Kai and friends over at mingw64
are doing will be complete (including teaching GDB how to deal with it),
and everybody -- TDM,, mingw64, and all the linux cross
compiler providers -- will switch over to SEH.  I can dream, can't I?!


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