Yes, hit the New.. button below "user variables" and create the variable PATH. Put mingw bin pathname there. This will change the current user only.
Open a new command prompt since I do not remember how to reread environment variables. If path found you will be able to run gcc without full pathname.

Hope it helps.

2013/4/30 David Burt <>

okay so I'm trying to get MinGW to work so I can use eclipse. here is what I did someone tell me where I went wrong

I downloaded the mingw-get-inst installer from the link on the get started page. I installed the c compiler the c++ compiler and the MSYS. I installed them to C:\MinGW\

all that went down without a hitch the part I am having trouble with is changing the path which my instructor said had to be done. first thing is first. the get started tutorial says this.

" If you choose to alter your PATH variable, you must ensure you alter your user PATH variable, not your system PATH variable -- there are two of them!"

so I went to environment variables and there are two boxes one that says user and one that says system. following the instructions above I would change the PATH variable in the user box. but there is no path variable in the user box. the only two things there are one called "TEMP" and one called "TMP"

so I chose to go ahead and change the system one just to see what would happen. so I added C:\MinGW\bin to the end of the system path variable. and tried gcc --version and g++ --version in the command prompt to see if it worked. it didn't big suprise not following the instructions didn't work but hey it was worth a shot. So my question is obviously where did I go wrong. Have I gone to the wrong place or failed to do some important step somewhere along the way? Should I create a new user variable PATH and just make it C:\MinGW\bin? 

I am still new to this I need eclipse for my class and my instructor just gave us a link to the online instructions. I apologize for my ignorance and newness and beg the help of wiser, more experienced minds.

P.S. I attached a snip of my environment variables window

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