2013/3/24 Teemu Nätkinniemi <stinkf42@yahoo.com>
On 24.3.2013 19:18, Алексей Павлов wrote:

2013/3/24 Alexey Pavlov <alexey.pawlow@gmail.com

     > Thing is that we both get the same error which is due to c++ name
    mangling so either we both have missed the same thing in the Perl
    source or the compiler itself has problems.
     > Have you manage to compile a 32-bit version of Perl yet? Also
    could you provide me your latest 32-bit toolchain, please?
    Personally I would like to get 32-bit version working properly as
    Cygwin64 itself is alpha quality at the moment.

    With MSYS2 32-bit based on GCC-4.5.3 I have the same issue.

Maybe my patch for GCC is not valid? Can you review it?

I found couple of typos from configure files. Here's a patch to your patch.

I update patch