On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 7:52 AM, Sergio NNX <sfhacker@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Is this the wrong list to report such problem? This looks like a serious issue to me. Can anybody reproduce the
> problem? Maybe the problem lies somewhere on my system, or the C99 complex functions have been moved
> to another library?

Ciao Micheal.

I've just checked whether I have 'cabsf' function or not and I wasn't able to find it. I checked libm.a and it's not there.

Under MinGW, it's never there :)
libm.a is just a empty placeholder to make it more UNIX-like (e.g. autoconf tests will usually check for math functions in -lm). The functions are actually located into libmingwex.a, which is automatically linked in by GCC. The problem is that in the current version of mingw32-mingwrt package, libmingwex.a does not contain the C99 complex functions anymore, leading to compilation failures.
However, I replaced 'cabsf' with '_hypot' and it worked ok (maybe it's not what you're looking for/need but ...)

Thanks. I'm not looking for a replacement. My problem is that problem leads to compilation/link failures when trying to recompile libgfortran.