On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 8:48 PM, Gisle Vanem <gvanem@broadpark.no> wrote:
"Eran Ifrah" <eran.ifrah@gmail.com> wrote:

> In case "windows native make" is NMAKE - than the answer is NO, NAMKE does
> not support multiple jobs. IIRC, MS supports parallel building only using
> MSBuild or something like that

But then again "cl -MP" is so much faster than any GNU make
and gcc combo. Give 'cl' a list of src-files and it spawn 4 cl processes
on my 4 core CPU. 10 times faster than make+gcc will. Just my $0.02.

Its nice, but you can not specify different command line arguments *per* file - for this reason (and probably others) msbuild.exe exists
Not to mention that the reason that I am using MinGW in the first place, is that I don't want to use MS toolchain ;)


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