On 22 March 2013 08:33, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 06:50:42 +0400
> From: LRN
> I've attached a simple program to this message.
> Your objective is to read it, and tell me, without compiling and
> running it, the exit code of the guessreturn.exe process.
> 100 karma points to the person who guesses correctly.

Exit code is 1 if libz-1.dll is not found where Windows usually looks
for DLLs, zero otherwise.

You could be forgiven for thinking this, but actually, it isn't so.
You probably meant this to be a tricky question, but if so, I don't
see the tricky part.

More likely it's an obscure way to for the OP to tell us about his own
screw up; because he has neglected to balance his LoadLibraryA() call
with a FreeLibrary(), anything is possible.  The likely outcome is an
abort(), following an exception caught by Windows, rather than a normal
return, so the return code could be anything at all.
Maybe I didn't yet have enough coffee this morning.

Perhaps not :)