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From: Keith Marshall <>
Date: 17 September 2013 13:14
Subject: Re: RELEASE: Contributed packages tcl/tk 8.6.0
To: Sebastian Schuberth <>

On 17 September 2013 09:27, Sebastian Schuberth wrote:
On 16.09.2013 23:43, Keith Marshall wrote:
In what way, exactly, can a reference on, which has
absolutely no affinity whatsoever for, be construed as (the official home of the MinGW Project) promoting this?

Well, [1] mentions mgwport and links to [2]. So there's your affinity.
A posting on a publicly maintained wiki?  By a contributor who has no
official association with the project?  Hardly lends much credibility as

And the statement "revolutionary new method for building and maintaining

A statement by whom?  The package author?  Of course, he's going to try
to hype it up.

can easily create the impression that using mgwport is the
favorable way to build packages now.

Favoured by whom?  The package author again, of course.  It certainly
*isn't* favoured by this project administrator.  I'm having a hard time
finding any online reference for the dialogue, but I did give the author
a long list of issues, which he will need to address before I will
consider it further; not one of them has been addressed.

I did find:

In this, I explicitly request a contributor to avoid mgwport, because I
consider the packages, (specifically the source packages), it creates to
be fundamentally broken.