In trying to build a project (Magic Set Editor) I found that the autotools files distributed with the source did not include a lib, boost_system, that seems to be needed*.

I add
to and also add the macro to aclocal.m4 (obtained text from official GNU website) in the project root. I then run
$ cd <projectroot>
$ autoconf
error cannot run /bin/sh ./config.sub

This error has been encountered by others ( and is not the subject of my present question.

Removing the AX_BOOST_SYSTEM call from, running autoconf, and then configure leads to successful execution of configure. My conclusion is that something was wrong with the boost_system m4 macro. I figured I'd try regenerating aclocal.m4
$ aclocal warming: macro `AM_OPTIONS_WXCONFIG' no found in library warming: macro `AM_PATH_WXCONFIG' no found in library

I have wxmin.m4 in H:\MinGW\msys\1.0\share\aclocal so I do not understand why the macros weren't found. Not understanding how this _should_ work I copied wxmin.m4 to the project root and tried again. No luck.

Can someone explain why the macros are not found?


* I realize the real problem here is understanding why the compiler and distributed autotools files disagree on whether boost_system is needed. I still pose my question above.