> Are you sure wingdi.h was included at that point?

Nope. How can I understand what's being included when?

> It is best to produce a preprocessed file and look at that, then you
> will see exactly what the compiler sees.  To produce a preprocessed
> source, use the same command as for compilation, but replace -c with
> -E and redirect the output to some file using -o.

I am trying to build the project by invoking make from the msys shell. Therefore the command I'm issuing for compilation is "make." I think you're suggesting that I compile only the part of wxWidgets that's causing the failure. Is this correct? If so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to do that.

I realize that at this point my questions/issues probably aren't MingW specific. If this isn't interesting for this mailing list please just say so and I'll try to find a more targeted audience.

Thank you,