I am looking for some help. I am on Windows XP 32bit platform
I was using an old MinGw (the included in Bloodshed Dev-C++ (v4.9.9.2)), developed a printer driver with that, it works ok.
But then, I wanted to do the 64bit version of the same driver same functionality, so as a first step I downloaded the last MinGW, and give it a try.
As a first stage I just wanted to be able to compile just the same 32bit driver with the new MinGW. And that is my current goal.
When compiling, first dropped the error 'Boolean' not declared, so I wrote the declaration for it (old mingw version don't show that error), as it was in some TIFF / JPEG third party source, was easy.
Then, it dropped a lot of "obsolete conversion const TCHAR...." errors, so I study what was, and fixed all those (was classic _T("xxxxx") in function's call that for some security reason don't like like possible security holes).
Then, it returns none error, and can compile it. But when I installed, it return an error message when subscribing in the printer spooler (maybe opening the port or creating the printer instance). the error message is "incorrect arguments". This error is shown when the installer runs "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "FlulpyPrinter" /f "$INSTDIR\flulpy.inf" /r "FlulpyVirtual Printer" /m "FlulpyVirtual Printer" the same installer's script that works.
Ok, Then, taked all the source as it was, and compile it with the MinGw that is included in Bloodshed Dev-C++ , compiled, tested, OK, works perfectly, so, I didn't fucked up the source code, something else must be.
Then using the libraries (spool, fstream, etc), of the folder in Dev-C++, but using the latest version of mingw's BIN files for compiling, and the driver don't works again, so the libraries aren't the problem, and minGW bins seems to be the problem.
So, my question: I wonders if I needs to be aware of more changes between the "minGW bin file of the version in Bloodshed Dev-c++ v4.9.9.2 package" VS "minGW bin file of new version"?
Thanks in advance.